62cm Murray Cod from Lake Mulwala


About trikfish

Why choose trikfish?

Trikfish lures are hand made from the best components available.

The heads are molded on site, R style marine grade stainless steel frames are used to retain vibration, while strength is not compromised by using wire diameters suited to our fish. The heads are then hand painted and the head shape was chosen for itís snag resistant qualities. While no lure is snag proof these will ride over more snags than other head designs.

The hooks are the strongest available with sizes suited to our native fish, not American small mouth bass.

The blades are manufactured in the US from a brass or copper base material with a plated finish. The clevis is also manufactured from a brass base material - this means no rusting.

The swivels are US made ball bearing swivels designed specifically for spinnerbaits.

The skirts are premium silicone, they are assembled on site or sourced pre made in colours and styles to suit the conditions and sizes they are fitted to.

In short trikfish lures are not imported to suit Australian conditions. They are manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions and are tested every time I go fishing.

Why choose trikfish?

Some models of the trikfish spinnerbaits

†have obtained the Tackle World tested status

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